Our reverse engineering department is highly experienced at producing the best results in an efficient and cost effective process as possible. Our insight into so many different industries is what truly sets our reverse engineering department apart from the rest.

Rice Precision Manufacturing has developed a highly successful procedure for the replacement of OEM parts for high quality, low cost “reverse engineered” products.

In many cases, stockroom personnel or maintenance supervisors will work directly with us to identify the parts that are well suited for the Reverse Engineering program. Historically, our customers have been able to achieve thousands of dollars in savings by implementing our Reverse Engineering Program with successful proven results.


Above you can see an example of a typical Reverse Engineering project that we have done. On the left is an image of an OEM cast aluminum part that we received from one of our customers. We will take that part and produce a 3D model and the appropriate dimensional drawings to produce the part.


The image on the right shows the final billet aluminum replacement part we produced for the customer.

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