Turning Centers

CNC Lathe Mazak Turning CenterSimilar to our milling machines, all of our CNC lathes are Mazak turning centers. These lathes share the same benefits of our milling machines; quick conversational programming, identical machine controls, local service technicians and readily available replacement parts.

The majority of our lathes are either “live tooling or Integrex lathes. These machines are capable of performing what would be separate milling and turning processes as one. This greatly reduces cycle times as well as the physical labor involved with running two separate machines, cutting both lead times and costs to our customers.

Rice Precision Manufacturing

401 East High Street
Baldwin City, KS 66006

Industries We Serve

Food Processing
Oil and Gas
Pet Food Processing
Automotive Industry
Heavy Machinery Manufacturing
Pharmaceutical Industry
Agricultural Equipment
Restuarant and Hospitality
Many Others...

Services We Offer

Replacement Parts Manufacturing
Production CNC Machining
Welding and Heat Fabrication
Water Jet Fabrication
Sheet Metal Fabrication
Custom Tool and Die
Laser Engraving
Custom Machine Design/Production