Sheet Metal Fabrication

DSC00315Our sheet metal fabrication department is fully outfitted to handle parts of any size. Our press brakes are all CNC controlled to easily and quickly process different parts with highly repeatable accuracies.

Complimenting our CNC press brakes are a CNC shear and a CNC abrasive water jet machine. These two different machines work together to allow us to process sheet metal in the most efficient way possible.

Rice Precision Manufacturing

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Baldwin City, KS 66006

Industries We Serve

Food Processing
Oil and Gas
Pet Food Processing
Automotive Industry
Heavy Machinery Manufacturing
Pharmaceutical Industry
Agricultural Equipment
Restuarant and Hospitality
Many Others...

Services We Offer

Replacement Parts Manufacturing
Production CNC Machining
Welding and Heat Fabrication
Water Jet Fabrication
Sheet Metal Fabrication
Custom Tool and Die
Laser Engraving
Custom Machine Design/Production