RPM LPE 400.1

Fully Electric Leg Processor with Splitter

The New RPM LPE 400.1 “Fully Electric” Leg Processor with Splitter is a new innovation in Poultry Processing.

The RPM LPE 400.1 using only electric driven components gives processors the option to eliminate or reduce the cost of using hydraulics in their existing or future processing methods.

The RPM LPE 400.1 Leg Processor with Splitter can effectively produce backs, leg quarters, whole legs, thighs, and drum sticks with very little adjustments.

The finished product can be easily separated from left or right on to conveyors or chutes for packaging.

The RPM LPE 400.1 Leg Processor achieves 98% “Grade A” cuts while maximizing yield (performance is based on grade and correct sizing of product being supplied to the machine).

RPM LPE 400.1 Electric
RPM LPE 400.1 Key Benefits & Advantages:

  • Elimination of Hydraulics
  • Total Electric Driven
  • Quite Operation
  • Energy Efficient
  • Minimizes Labor and Maximizes Yield
  • Designed for Flexibility
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership

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